Wiki Documentation Age Report

I've got a new Azure DevOps extension published out to the Azure DevOps Marketplace.  This is the Wiki Age Report.  This came about as a need for a client that I have been working with.  They were looking for a way to keep track of potentially out-of-date documentation in their Azure DevOps wiki.  They wanted to see a report of the wiki pages that had not been updated in a long time, so that they could then assign work to the wiki page owners to go out and review it and make sure it is still correct and hasn't become out-of-date.  There's nothing worse than going out to the nice Wiki documentation in your project and finding that Wiki Page that tells you JUST what you needed to do, only to find that things have changed since that page was written.  Often we document process and procedures that shift over time because of our own changes, BUT we also might be documenting how to "Do that thing in Azure"  that we need to do.. and we all know how quickly Azure and the Azure Portal change... Now if that document was written a year ago, with screen shots and flows of how to accomplish something in Azure, chances are pretty strong that it's no longer correct.  These kinds of changes to documentation can come from all kinds of sources, so it can be important to plan to keep an eye on that documentation to make sure it's still correct.  

That's where this extension comes in.  You see it will show you a list of all the pages in your Wiki along with some information about when it was updated last.  You can choose your time threshold to see a quick visual Red-Orange-Green indication of what might be out of date.  

Now knowing what's "old" in your Wiki is a great step forward, but how about doing the work to review it and update it if necessary?  That's going to take some time, and probably needs to be accounted for in your team's planning activities... So this report will also let you create a new Work Item to assign and track that work.  This report will look at your project's configuration and figure out if you're using User Stories, or Product Backlog Items, or Requirements as your backlog requirement work item type and will create the work item for you.

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